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Why Atomico webcomponents?

We invite you to know 3 reasons why to use Atomico webcomponents

Shared learning curve with React.

The similarity with React is strategic, and with this, we aim for what you learn in Atomico to be useful for your professional development in React. With Atomico, you will gain: exp You will gain more experience in using hooks for both Atomico and React. A simpler, more maintainable, and easy-to-learn approach to abstracting components. React counter Atomico counter

Components for the entire web

Atomico integrates very well across the entire web and especially in React, covering strategic aspects for mature development. Validations and type autocompletion at the Js, Ts, Jsx, and Tsx levels. Automatic output for seamless integration into React and Vue.

light size

Atomico has a size as a module of 4 kB but being bundled JS its size is less than 2.5kB (GZIP), resulting in an incredibly light code. We will show the benefits of Atomico through a comparison, we have used as a basis for this comparison the existing counter webcomponents in of Atomico, Lit, Preact and React as a base. With this comparison we get to know: JS Size (Library + Component) sent to browser Load time of the first render of 1000 components in the browser. Lines of code written to solve the webcomponent. According to the context of the comparison we can conclude: Atomico is 8.6x faster than React on first render. Atomico only needs 75% of the lines of code that Lit needs to solve the same goal. Atomico is light in size and in lines of code. Writing fewer lines of code will help you improve your productivity when developing and scaling your interface.

The results obtained are thanks to the tool Tachometer, you can find the code of this comparison in atomicojs/perf.

They trust the use of Atomico JS

Atomico is designed to create lightweight interfaces for the entire web. We invite you to add Atomico to your projects and have all our support. Ideal for progressive implementation, especially in React-based environments. Stability with 99.9% coverage for the entire Atomico js package
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