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simple, fast and light

Simple, fast and light

Atomico is a microlibrary of modern syntax created by UpperCod that simplifies component creation by replacing the use of classes with functions to manage everything.
Inside Atomico Not this is an antipattern
Functions and Hooks to compose your webcomponent Functions and Hooks to compose your webcomponent
ShadowDom Atomico does not define a shadowDOM by default.
Reactive Reactive properties and attributes with support for more than 500 types.
IMPORT import {c} from 'atomico';
STYLES Properties and attributes
DECLARATIONS customElements.define

They trust the use of Atomico JS

We thank all the developers and companies that make it possible to use Atomico in their projects.

If you already use Atomico we want to know your experience, doubts or ideas.
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The Atomico Ecosystem

Atomico has a modular development ecosystem that involves packaging, state management, router, SSR, SSG, and other Frontend solutions.


Automatically generate the exports, types and optimizing the code to distribute with your package.json


A router like asynchronous webcomponents really easy to use in SPA applications


Modern state manager, asynchronous and predictable thanks to the use of generators.


Over 50 highly useful hooks for interface development


Super powerful wrapper for React and Preact (Works with SSR 🤯)


Create SSG and SSR sites with Atomico + Astro build as a tool (like this site)


Improves the Atomico development experience + Vite + Vitest


Component system created with Atomico, friendly with Forms and with support for React and Preact
Author of Atomico JS AUTHOR'S MESSAGE

Join Atomico JS

Atomico is an open source project developed by UpperCod, we invite you to contribute to the improvement of Atomico in:
Icon share Using and sharing Atomico
Icon code Improving the source code, sharing bugs and new features
Icon donation Small donations
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