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Simple, fast and light

Atomico is a microlibrary of modern syntax created by UpperCod that simplifies component creation by replacing the use of classes with functions to manage everything.
Inside Atomico Not this is an antipattern
Components 100% functional, just like in React with hooks. Ideal composition for quickly generating design systems and applications. Friendly development experience for JavaScript and TypeScript.

They trust the use of Atomico JS

Atomico is designed to create lightweight interfaces for the entire web. We invite you to add Atomico to your projects and have all our support. Ideal for progressive implementation, especially in React-based environments. Stability with 99.9% coverage for the entire Atomico js package
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The Atomico Ecosystem

Atomico has a modular development ecosystem that involves packaging, state management, router, SSR, SSG, and other Frontend solutions.


Automate the output of your files for NPM and create wrappers to provide additional support for React, Preact, and Vue.


Empower the development of libraries, applications, and more with a super-powered Atomico plugin for Vite.


Design systems with Atomico? Simple! @atomico/storybook facilitates the rendering and documentation of your web components in Storybook.


Manage your application's state in a simple way and magically sync your web components with easily manageable states.


A truly simple but futuristic router manager (asynchronous generators and more) for SPA applications.


How about a library with more than 50 utilities in the form of hooks? That's @atomico/hooks, hundreds of hooks for your project.


Your web components created with Atomico can function as if they were components created with React. Come on, dive in and create your interface with Atomico for React.


Create amazing sites using Atomico and Astro. With these plugins, you will achieve using SSG and SSR with Astro build for Atomico.


Milkdown aims to provide an open source solution for developers to make their editors more powerful and attractive


Open source calendar components for selecting single dates or date ranges. Framework-agnostic, themeable, localizable, accessible.

Join Atomico JS

AUTHOR'S MESSAGE Atomico is an open source project developed by UpperCod, we invite you to contribute to the improvement of Atomico in: Using and sharing Atomico Improving the source code, sharing bugs and new features Small donations